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Guest Billy Bob Wire Speaks Out on Guns

Hey, folks, how you doing? Billy Bob Wire here, sitting in for my second cousin Bob, who asked me to write a little something from a gun owner’s point of view for his blog today. (He’s only my second cousin … Continue reading

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You Like Me. You Really Like Me.

Trying out this new service. They will add 500 real likes to my Facebook music page. Will that help me sell more records? No. But hey, who doesn’t want to be liked?

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Fifty Shades of Brown

I just celebrated my 54th birthday, and like most men in their fifties, I am beginning to show some signs of wear and tear that tend to surface in middle age. Specifically, I’m having trouble with my O-ring. If you’re … Continue reading

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Continental Breakfast Blues

I like biscuits and gravy. I don’t like carpenter’s glue with floor sweepings in it. Someone needs to get the word out to a certain hotel chain that there’s a difference. The Wire family took a 1900 mile road trip … Continue reading

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Rehberg Boat Crash Back In the News, Satirists Delighted

So the redacted report on Congressman Denny Rehberg’s late-night boat crash at the hands of former state Representative Greg Barkus has been released this week. Nothing too shocking has been revealed, but I was immediately moved to dig up this … Continue reading

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This Ain’t No Normal Fishing Tournament

Mack Days are winding down. What’s that mean? It means hundreds of fishermen plying the waters of Flathead Lake to see who can reel in the biggest pile of lake trout, a non-native fish that can grow to the size … Continue reading

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State of the Union 2012: The Translation

As is my tradition (dating all the way back to early 2011), I have put together a partial translation of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech. That’s right—not commentary, not rebuttal, not opinion nor argument. What follows is the … Continue reading

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Snow Daze 2012

[From January 20, 2012] All of us in Missoula are in the same boat, but at least it’s not an Italian cruise ship. It’s been three days now, and our street has yet to see a plow. I’m getting desperate. … Continue reading

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Nobody Pushes Me Around Like My Chiropractor

I first noticed the pain in the summer of 2009, driving my wife’s Subaru Grocery Getter™ thousands of miles around Montana researching a book project. I chose her car over my SUV purely for the gas mileage, and my back … Continue reading

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Let’s Move New Year’s Back a Few Weeks

I’m petitioning Congress (by that I mean complaining to my mail lady) to officially repeal January first as New Year’s Day. I want them to move it back two, three weeks. January first is too soon. We don’t have enough … Continue reading

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