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The Blog That Killed NewWest

Four years ago this blog appeared in NewWest, a  Missoula-based site for whom I spent five years writing a humor blog. To their credit, they never rejected any of my writing, even when they knew it would bring some heat … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing: The Aromatic Sport of Kings

In the winter I’m usually a pretty indoorsy guy. But here I was, outdoors, sitting on an overturned 5-gallon bucket, staring down a hole through two feet of ice, flicking the fishing line to make the maggot on the hook … Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Hand!

I’ve got a great face for radio, or so I’ve been told. Over the past several years, I’ve been invited (or invited myself) to appear on a number of local radio programs, from the college stations to the big commercial … Continue reading

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Referees: We Love to Hate Them

You know why we love watching sports on TV? Same reason we love watching local newscasts—because we love watching people screw up. We cheer long and loud when a basketball player makes a steal and races up the court, only … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Teams: Can a Marriage Survive?

The chatter of the exuberant bar full of NFL fans dropped to a murmur as we made our way through the Desperado last October. We took a seat at a table near the biggest of the big screens, she in … Continue reading

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The New Sport That’s Sweeping the Nation (Or At Least My Backyard)

At first, I fully expected the guy at the hardware store to ask me if I was a magician. I’d asked him to cut me off two stubby sections of four-inch PVC pipe, and told him to point me toward … Continue reading

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