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Fifty Shades of Brown

I just celebrated my 54th birthday, and like most men in their fifties, I am beginning to show some signs of wear and tear that tend to surface in middle age. Specifically, I’m having trouble with my O-ring. If you’re … Continue reading

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How To Shop For a Used Car

The adult experience is loaded with grim tasks, responsibilities, expectations and unfortunate realities. It’s a good thing I’m married so I have a wife to handle all that shit. But when it comes to buying a car, I’m in the … Continue reading

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Man and Sandwich, Part 2

During the school year I like to get up and make the kids’ lunches. Been doing it since they were in kindergarten. To this day they would be content to have a PB & J every day, but I won’t … Continue reading

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Man and Sandwich: A Sacred Relationship (Part 1)

Recently a woman approached me at a local watering hole. She introduced herself, and asked me if I could give her some advice because she was having “man trouble.” Seems she had the hots for some guy, and wondered if … Continue reading

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