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Why Does the Floor Have To Be So Low?

I am a pathetic worm. A writhing, whining, grunting, squirming carcass of need. Normal everyday function has been rendered impossible. For example, if I concentrate and struggle mightily for several minutes, I can remove one of my socks. I won’t … Continue reading

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Rehberg Boat Crash Back In the News, Satirists Delighted

So the redacted report on Congressman Denny Rehberg’s late-night boat crash at the hands of former state Representative Greg Barkus has been released this week. Nothing too shocking has been revealed, but I was immediately moved to dig up this … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing: The Aromatic Sport of Kings

In the winter I’m usually a pretty indoorsy guy. But here I was, outdoors, sitting on an overturned 5-gallon bucket, staring down a hole through two feet of ice, flicking the fishing line to make the maggot on the hook … Continue reading

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The New Sport That’s Sweeping the Nation (Or At Least My Backyard)

At first, I fully expected the guy at the hardware store to ask me if I was a magician. I’d asked him to cut me off two stubby sections of four-inch PVC pipe, and told him to point me toward … Continue reading

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