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Guest Billy Bob Wire Speaks Out on Guns

Hey, folks, how you doing? Billy Bob Wire here, sitting in for my second cousin Bob, who asked me to write a little something from a gun owner’s point of view for his blog today. (He’s only my second cousin … Continue reading

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You Like Me. You Really Like Me.

Trying out this new service. They will add 500 real likes to my Facebook music page. Will that help me sell more records? No. But hey, who doesn’t want to be liked?

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Nobody Likes the Surprise Vegetarian

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: I don’t have a problem with vegetarians. I don’t have a problem with vegans. Whatever people decide to eat or not eat is their business, not mine. I don’t … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Brown

I just celebrated my 54th birthday, and like most men in their fifties, I am beginning to show some signs of wear and tear that tend to surface in middle age. Specifically, I’m having trouble with my O-ring. If you’re … Continue reading

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Turn Out the Lights, Tea Party’s Over

(First published April 7, 2011)   Posturing Republicans and petulant Democrats continue to snap away at each other over the budget gap like two spoiled, bitchy Pomeranians. Meanwhile, thousands of soldiers who were foolish enough to think that the craven … Continue reading

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State Slogans Need an Upgrade

Out on the interstate, you see a variety of vehicles from nearly every state. That is one aptly named road, brother. While it’s not really fair to generalize about a state’s entire population (Alaskans are all hockey moms who sound … Continue reading

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Back to School Shopping: Some Shortcuts

  School’s just around the corner. Waiting for you with a baseball bat to shake down for your lunch money. That’s the way I always felt at the end of the summer, during most of my public education career. Summer … Continue reading

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How To Shop For a Used Car

The adult experience is loaded with grim tasks, responsibilities, expectations and unfortunate realities. It’s a good thing I’m married so I have a wife to handle all that shit. But when it comes to buying a car, I’m in the … Continue reading

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Man and Sandwich, Part 2

During the school year I like to get up and make the kids’ lunches. Been doing it since they were in kindergarten. To this day they would be content to have a PB & J every day, but I won’t … Continue reading

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Man and Sandwich: A Sacred Relationship (Part 1)

Recently a woman approached me at a local watering hole. She introduced herself, and asked me if I could give her some advice because she was having “man trouble.” Seems she had the hots for some guy, and wondered if … Continue reading

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