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Give Yourself a Hand!

I’ve got a great face for radio, or so I’ve been told. Over the past several years, I’ve been invited (or invited myself) to appear on a number of local radio programs, from the college stations to the big commercial … Continue reading

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It’s a Fine Line Between Good and Bad Country Song Titles

“You should write a song about that!” Any songwriter will tell you he or she hears that almost every day. Especially if, like me, they tend to write about the less-explored detritus of life, like raisins or Mr. Bubble or … Continue reading

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Referees: We Love to Hate Them

You know why we love watching sports on TV? Same reason we love watching local newscasts—because we love watching people screw up. We cheer long and loud when a basketball player makes a steal and races up the court, only … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, RIP

It was a cold, gray, January morning in 1986. I walked with my new friend Tim into one of the gallery rooms at our Seattle art school. We stopped at a table to inspect this beige contraption that looked like … Continue reading

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Bob Wire For President: I’ll Be Your Huckleberry

In the past ten years I’ve been approached to run for Mayor, City Council, and even the State House of Representatives. I’ve turned them all down because, frankly, going to meetings all day is my idea of a soul-grinding hell, … Continue reading

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