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Getting Schooled at the Open House

Well, it’s that time of year again—dodging bodies in the school hallway, navigating a strange new campus, trying to decipher a confusing schedule sheet, and hustling to beat the bell in time to find an empty desk before the teacher … Continue reading

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This Is a Perfect Time to Panic

It’s coming right at you! Yes, YOU! If you’re reading this, you are directly in the danger zone of being hit by satellite nuggets sometime in the next few days. Okay, the odds are somewhat long-ish, at 3,200-1 (roughly the … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Teams: Can a Marriage Survive?

The chatter of the exuberant bar full of NFL fans dropped to a murmur as we made our way through the Desperado last October. We took a seat at a table near the biggest of the big screens, she in … Continue reading

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Math Is Your Friend.

Good news on the employment front: if you’re willing to learn third-grade arithmetic, and have a working knowledge of your homeland’s most popular spoken language, you should be able to leap-frog over millions of America’s working knuckleheads and find a … Continue reading

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Naked! Naked! Naked!

I like walking around buck naked as much as the next guy. Actually, a lot more than the next guy. Hell, I’m naked right now. It’s one of the perks that comes with writing your own blog. It’s liberating, and … Continue reading

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The Nineties: Music’s Lost Decade

Rolling Stone magazine (where I get all my hard news) just posted a blog listing the Worst Songs of the 90s, as voted by their readers. Talk about your low-hanging fruit. Any music fan who knows his spit valve from … Continue reading

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Going to the Bird Sanctuary? Don’t Forget Your Arrowproof Vest

I’m not fat. James Gandolfini is fat. Larry the Cable Guy is fat. Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s rape file is fat. I’m stocky. Stout. Barrel-chested. A densely-packed man of action. Not fat. So when my wife casually grabbed a handful of my … Continue reading

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