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Dog Vs Squirrel: Persistence Is Futile!

It’s a conflict as old as time itself: dog versus squirrel. Hundreds of generations of selective breeding and adaptive evolution have somehow failed to disabuse dogs of the idea that they might be able to catch a squirrel, even though … Continue reading

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Adios, Summer! See You Next Summer.

Up here along the western edge of Montana, summer is a different beast than in other parts of the country. It’s got its own rhythm, its own schedule, its own crazy intensity. As the season lurches toward the inevitable Labor … Continue reading

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The New Sport That’s Sweeping the Nation (Or At Least My Backyard)

At first, I fully expected the guy at the hardware store to ask me if I was a magician. I’d asked him to cut me off two stubby sections of four-inch PVC pipe, and told him to point me toward … Continue reading

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Elvis, We Hardly Knew Ye (Because We Were Dumb Kids)

Thirty Years Since Elvis Left the Building It’s a question that seems to be on everyone’s lips this week: Where was Bob Wire when he heard that Elvis had died? Well, I wasn’t fetching a new roll of Charmin for … Continue reading

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